So Lucky: A Dave Matthews Tribute Band

Introducing "So Lucky: A Dave Matthews Tribute" – where the spirit of Dave Matthews lives on through our electrifying performances and genuine passion for the music. Hailing from diverse musical backgrounds, our band members come together with one common goal: to honor the iconic sounds of Dave Matthews with unparalleled authenticity and musicality.

What is the essence of Dave Matthews? It is the feel, the jam and a musical dynamic powerhouse. To us, it isn't just a performance but a heartfelt tribute to our favorite band. With meticulous attention to detail, we recreate the soulful melodies, intricate instrumentation, and infectious energy that have defined the Dave Matthews experience for decades. 

Each member of "So Lucky" brings their own unique talents to the stage, seamlessly weaving in and out to recreate the unmistakable sound that DMB fans know and love. Our band delivers an immersive musical journey that transports audiences to the heart of a Dave Matthews concert.

And just like seeing a Dave Matthews concert, every show is different! Join us as we pay homage to one of the most influential bands of our time – "So Lucky: A Dave Matthews Tribute" is ready to take you on a musical adventure you won't soon forget.

Justin Languirand

Vocals, Guitar

Nick Zambrotta


Adam Go


John Ferreira


Chris Quiray

Lead Guitar

Jon Letourneau

Acoustic "Tim"